Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Bryson Morris' Song Louis Gucci Appears On WorldStarHipHop

Bryson Morris's official single #LOUISGUCCI is quickly becoming an Internet sensation. The professional music video has been viewed close to half a million times on YouTube in less than two months; but, the popularity doesn't stop there. WorldStarHipHop is the latest video outlet to pick up on the hit, and the site's popularity among hip-hop enthusiasts means great news for the young artist.

WorldStarHipHop is regarded by hip-hop lovers as one of the best sources for industry news and the hottest new music. Many of the videos featured on the site garner hundreds of thousands of views and hundreds of comments by visitors. With more than 1.1 million hip-hop lovers surfing WorldStarHipHop's industry-specific content each day, the site serves as the perfect platform for Bryson Morris to share his music with fans old and new.

Though he has only just begun to release official music, Morris has not been shy about sharing praise for hip-hop as a genre and for the talented, dedicated artists who have come before him. Given his appreciation for the world of hip-hop and his passion for creating music, a feature by WorldStarHipHop is a game-changer for Morris.

WorldStarHipHop users are more than just music fans; they are a tight-knit hip-hop community, who not only view and comment on feature videos, but also share new and upcoming music with each other. Many a hip-hop song has been shared among WorldStarHipHop users and gone on to become a top radio hit, featured by iTunes, added to popular Spotify playlists, and more, thanks to the site's unique following.

Prior to the song' feature on WorldStarHipHop, #LOUISGUCCI's release elicited feedback from hip-hop fans and YouTube personalities with huge followings. One YouTuber, "Rhino," known for his charismatic and thorough reviews of new hip-hop singles, commended Morris for putting out a video with high quality sound, visuals, and lyrics, especially at such a young age. "Rhino" was so impressed with Morris's first official music video, that he dubbed #LOUISGUCCI "the new summer anthem." Rhino's full YouTube review of #LOUISGUCCI is available at https://youtu.be/xYydyvflyxQ

Bryson Morris began creating music when he was just 11 years old. After refining his craft over the course of a few years, Morris began sharing his music with friends and classmates. When he shared his remix of the song "Know Yourself" on his personal social media accounts, Morris saw his hard work and passion for music validated with 22 million views and an outpouring of support from fans.

Throughout his journey from creating music in his bedroom to now sharing it with fans around the world, Morris has remained humble and focused on his love for hip-hop. The feedback on his first official video has encouraged Morris to keep working and producing music for his loyal fans. #LOUISGUCCI is just the beginning for Bryson Morris.

To View the WorldStarHipHop Video, click here: http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh2r6gJYy6k4C0aV84

About Bryson Morris
Viral sensation, Bryson Morris began his career at an early age. Bryson became a budding Internet sensation, with a large following of fans discovering his sound through several social media platforms. In the 7th grade one of his debut videos reached 28 million views, asserting him as the next young hip-hop sensation! Bryson Morris brings uniqueness to the music industry. Nobody in the market has a sound like Bryson Morris, as he is pioneering a new "off the path" sound that is different from what you hear today! Bryson is currently mixing a variety of new music in the studio to inspire and bring hope to his fans. For more on Bryson Morris and to check out his latest music visit http://brysonmorris.com/

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