Thursday, September 8, 2016

Indiana Guitarist Denis Taaffe Sets Sights On Grammy With His 199th Album

Indiana Guitarist Denis taaffe set sights on Grammy Awards with his 199th album Release. Calling Bloomington, IN based guitarist prolific would be an understatement. With his latest album release, Modern rock Guitar Vol.199 'Illuminati', the solo electric guitarist is approaching the 200 album barrier. The guitarist uses regular guitar and guitar loops done on the fly along with bass emulations on guitar and drum machines or drum samples to create an instrumental musical style that is his own. To top it off, all of the tracks he creates are performed and recorded live in the studio and improvised on the spot.As he explains "the fact that all of my music is improvised on the spot allows me to create a lot of material. Looping has made this possible. It is like doing a multi track recording, but rather than recording one part at a time,you are instead reacting to what you hear and trying to come up with guitar parts that compliment it instantly. If your not careful, It is easy to make mistakes and requires a lot of concentration. After all these years of playing this way, it has almost become second nature to me". Since his debut album in 1999, Denis has been busy creating and independently releasing 199 full length albums. "well, each album allows my musical style to develop and evolve. As a result my musical style changes and develops as well. Denis has his sights set on this year's upcoming Grammy awards for his 199th album." I have submitted albums in the past and gotten on the entry list from which Grammy nominee's are chosen depending on votes, but I never get enough votes to become a Grammy nominee. however I am pleased to participate." Denis states. Last year, Denis was not included in the Grammy entry list due to a technical error in his submission."Oh yes, I had planned on participating ,but discovered there was an error with my entry. so this year I was a bit more determined to be included". Denis is motivated and determined in this aspect, as he has submitted and been included in over ten Grammy awards entry lists.Over the years, he has never been nominated or won a Grammy award,however he continues. "for me, its not really about winning ,but more participating. I am quite please to be in the Grammy entry list as an independent artist with no record label and be listed with some really well known artists. Anyway, without a record label it is the best I can do". So where does he go from here? He was excited to tell me about his 200th album and the changes in his style. "well, my 200th album which is not out yet, is a radical departure of my musical style since I began in 1999. however, if you listened to the past albums , it is a natural evolution in my musical style". Denis is the kind of hidden gem among undiscovered musicians that isn't common place and makes for a great story. If anything, you must admire Denis's creativity, determination and motivation in pursuing his art and following his dreams. He continues to hone his craft when many would have called it a day.


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