Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Big Greg Tempts You With The Good Life On New Single "You Can Have It All"

Big Greg wrote his new single "You Can Have It All" after being inspired by the love of his aunt and uncle. Linking up when they were teenagers and staying married for

the better part of another six decades their love a fitting inspiration for such a beautiful and moving song. "You Can Have It All" opens with the shimmering twinkles

of percolating piano lines before the beat drops and a very lush and imaginative strain of urban influenced music enters. Hip Hop is not always a genre known for its

nuance, complexity and emotional depth but with artists like Manifest Music's Big Greg producing tracks like this, it should be.

This sweeping and expansive track is the perfect way to remind yourself about the good things in life and the endless promise of true love. "You Can Have It All" is

absolutely beautiful baby making music that will appeal to the ladies and the gentleman with its tight lyrical content, bouncing beat and hypnotic flow. This is head

bobbing music, slow dance music, hold her close and never let go music, lovers of the world, take note!

"You Can Have It All" is a track off of Big Greg's forthcoming "G4" EP. This EP was inspired by classic artists Nas, Jay-Z, R. Kelly, Fabolous, T.I. and Nelly as well

as present contemporaries such as Drake, J. Cole, K. Lamar, Jeremih, Chris Brown, Kanye West and almost everything Young Money. Big Greg has had a tremendous success

over the last couple of years having received numerous regional and national awards between 2014 and 2016 including the 2015 Charlotte Hip Hop Artist of the Year Award

and 2016 Matador Green Energy Drink Theme Song Winner. Big Greg has taken the opportunity with "G4' to expand his musical palette and expand as a creative artist.

"You Can Have It All" really sees this inspired young artist reaching deep to create something truly innovative and memorable. The moment you hear this track you will

understand, this is beautiful and emotional hip hop with a pop sensibility. It will appeal to anyone who appreciates celebrating the magic of love and the joy of human

connection. "You Can Have It All" is the music you need to feel the love you deserve. Do yourself a favor and check our Big Greg and his incredible new EP "G4"!

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