Friday, September 9, 2016

FNX Releases New Hip Hop Single "Cant Out Rap Me" Featuring Chris Rivers, Son Of Late Great Legend Of Hip Hop Big Pun

"Can't Out Rap Me" is more than a boasting rap song from Connecticut-native hip hop artist and rapper FNX, it's a MISSION STATEMENT. The insightful and lyrical rapper wants the world to know, "You can make more money! You can sell more records! But you CANT OUT RAP ME!"

The single from rising monster of hip hop FNX (pronounced Phoenix) also features rap star Chris Rivers, and introduces another young and hungry Connecticut rapper SeeS - aka Scott Sheldon. Recorded at the Factory Underground in Norwalk, Ct, mixed and mastered by Kenny Cash, the song will be included in FNX "Sum of all Fears" Mix Tape coming this fall.The single will be released in September on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Beats, and 100 streaming/retail platforms around the world. The song is currently available for preview on Soundcloud.

​At the core of FNX's music is a story of perseverance and positivity, overcoming life obstacles amidst a journey of self-discovery. He was born Kenneth Shuler of Norwalk, Ct--long before he would turn to music as an outlet for his teen anger and depression.Faced with childhood homelessness, surviving abusive experiences in a shelter with his young mother, the at-risk Norwalk teen found solace and self-awareness in hip hop music.

His story, it turns out, has a lot in common with Chris Rivers, who lost his own father at the age of six. River's father, Christopher Lee Rios, who the music world knew as rapper Big Punisher (Big Pun) died in February 2000. "We went from riches to rags after my father died-we house-hopped a lot. We lived in a shelter. All that taught me to be humble and everything you do in this world you have to earn it. The material things can come and go--it can be taken away from you in a minute," Rivers told Source Magazine in 2016.

"I'm really proud to have Chris on my track," FNX said. "I knew he'd be bring it and he absolutely kills it. But getting to know his story, I realized how much we have in common--that really floored me. We both grew up without a father. Both of us had to fight to make it on our own."

FNX, a rap artist whose massive drive for success has taken him all the way from the Norwalk, Ct shelter system to a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership from the University of New Hampshire, is an artist defining success purely on his own terms. "Honoring the culture of hip hop and giving back to the community" are two wide ranging ambitions that he hopes to achieve with his music, and he isn't waiting for musical success to get started; He celebrated his last release with a unique fundraising event called "Hometown Love," held at Norwalk's George Washington Carver Community Center. The event which FNX produced and hosted featured a six-team basketball tournament and raised 600 non-perishable food items that were donated to Norwalk Ct-based charity food bank Person to Person. FNX is an alumni of the Carver Center, which he credits for keeping him off the streets as a child, and focused on his education.

With "Can't Out Rap Me" here is FNX, a rapper quickly gaining national attention with a deep love and commitment to community, going for no less than an Olympic Gold Medal against Chris Rivers, one of rap music's royal offspring who has carved his own well-deserved rap pedigree. All the while sharing the spotlight and passing the mic to a raw new talent who is nothing short of his own ball of lyrical energy, FNX is content to let the fans decide whose verse rocks he hardest.

"I'm ok with that cause at the end of the day, I just know one thing in my heart: "They can make more money! They can sell more records! But they CANT OUT RAP ME!""


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