Monday, April 25, 2016

Electropop Artist, Nearly a Nation, Keeps Momentum Going With Songs of Protest and Hope on New Album

Columbus, Ohio-based electropop singer/songwriter/producer Nick Long, also known as Nearly a Nation, is releasing his new album "Conquest" on April 14th, featuring inspiring stories and extraordinary sounds after a year of hard work and dedication. NaN's music talent and sense of national consciousness is sure to make this album stand out and shine within the electronic music scene.

Conquest is the second album of what NaN alludes to as a seven-part series, one he plans to finish over the course of the next five to six years. Despite tackling such heavy topics as mass surveillance on the track "Strange Days" and government corruption on "Tornado," one still has the sense NaN remains optimistic with tracks like "Pioneers" and "You and I Will Be Alright." Long's ability to juxtapose critiques of our current world with hope for the future gives meaning to his moniker, Nearly a Nation.

"Conquest" Track Listing:
1. Strange Days
2. Pioneers
3. Tornado
4. I Wanna Feel Everything
5. Improvise
6. All We Want
7. You and I Will Be Alright
8. Weightless
9. Nothing Comes Close to You
10. The Beginning All Over Again

When expressing his ideologies in his music, NaN does the writing, recording and mixing all by himself as a one person band. In addition, he also designed a number of the tonal/instrumental sounds himself for Conquest. His debut self-released album Outburst proved his musical ability by winning him Best Song Dance/Electronica for January 2016 from The Akademia, which described his single 'Radiate' as "demonstrating unusual vocal talent and musical imagination... [and it] may very well be the power pop vehicle to lift Nearly a Nation to the global stage."

Other Press Quotes:

"The kind of talent that belongs on the big stage."

"I'd like to help [him] get to the next level."
Shaun Robinson, Program Director of KEDG Radio

"Incredibly poignant."
Indie Anthems

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