Monday, April 25, 2016

Robert Kramer Releases New Single In Honor Of Billy Joels' "Piano Man" Induction By The National Recording Preservation Board

Dimension One Records announces the official release of "Just Another Piano Man," the new single by Robert Kramer, from the upcoming album Shadow Logic. The song was penned by Kramer as a tip-of-the-hat to Billy Joel's iconic hit, "Piano Man;" an homage to the song being recently inducted into the Library of Congress.

"Just Another Piano Man," echoes Kramer’s personal sentiment of working the piano-bar circuit as a struggling musician. The Library’s National Recording Board (NRPB) chooses 25 recordings that are deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant," every year, and graciously, Kramer’s enticing piece has made the cut for 2016.

"Every musician who has ever experienced what its like to be a "Piano Man" owes a vote of thanks to Billy Joel for that song," comments Kramer, who knows first-hand the challenges and often thankless job of playing for inattentive bar patrons.

"Playing in a piano bar can be frustrating; it teaches you humility, endurance and patience," he quips. "But it can also be incredibly rewarding as gives you the chance to make a difference up-close and personal. It made me a better musician and performer, not to mention getting repeated requests for that song in one night," Kramer laughs. "Every musician who’s been a piano man has their own story to tell about it; "Just Another Piano Man" was mine."

Kramer, who also writes music for film and television, has worked the piano bar circuit in between recording and producing a number of albums and music videos. The energetic and passionate tune shares the frustration and pitfalls of being a piano man on the lounge circuit; a theme many musicians can relate to. The track gracefully shows Kramer’s skills as a musician, lyricist and songwriter; the ultimate triple threat.

The lyrics of the piece contain a name-dropping litany of artists Kramer has received requests for night after night. "They're all there, from Sinatra to Gaga, and everything in between...I've even had requests for opera," Kramer states.

He nervously adds, "I just hope Billy approves..." It’s pretty certain that Joel will....

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