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An electronic press kit (EPK) is a press kit equivalent in electronic form. An EPK usually takes the form of a website or e-mail, though they are also known to exist in CD and DVD form. The first known EPK, as we know it today, premiered live on the web on January 8, 1995, and was invented and given the exact name electronic press kit or EPK by Andre Gray, the inventor of online music sales certifications and winner of The Johannes Gutenberg Inventor Prize. Gray's EPK featured a bio, audio clips, videos, photos, press, set list, basic technical requirements, and a calendar and featured R&B singer and songwriter Aaron Hall as the first artist ever to have an EPK created on their behalf.

Press kits are commonly used for:
* Product launches
* New company launch
* Mergers and acquisitions
* News conferences
* Large events / Industry trade shows

Common components
* Backgrounder with historical information on the company or individual.
* Fact sheet listing specific features, statistics, or benefits.
* Biographies of key executives, individuals, artists, etc.
* Past press coverage
* Photos or other images (high resolution) of key executives, logos, products, etc.
* A press release detailing the current news the media kit is sent in reference to
* Media contact information (usually of a public relations department or spokesperson)
* A CD, DVD, software title, video, etc. as appropriate for the sender of the release
* Collateral advertising material, such as: postcard, flier, newspaper ad, etc.

Band press kits
Press kits are a common promotional tool used by musicians when launching a new album. Band press kits often have their own unique set of components, including:[citation needed]
* Band biography / History of the band
* CD
* Color photos (many corporate photos are done in black and white for newspaper print purposes)
* Contact information for the band's label, manager, publicist, or other representative
* Discography (all previous albums released by the band)
* Equipment list (if the kit is being sent to live music venue)

Sports media guides
Main article: Media guide
Distribution formats

An electronic press kit can be distributed via the following media:
* CD
* Video or audio cassette
* The Internet (e.g. E-mail, WWW, newsgroups, etc.)
* USB flash drive

Electronic press kits are also available on corporate websites, where kits are offered in PDF format.

Contents depend on the industry and target audience. For instance, an EPK in the music industry might contain the following:
* Biography
* Music clips
* High resolution press photos
* Tour dates
* Promotional videos
* Offline website or website links
* Press reviews and interviews
* "RIYL" or "recommended if you like" list (list of artists in similar styles or genres)
* Contact information
* High resolution photos or images of key executives, the company logo, products

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