Tuesday, March 8, 2016

MusicDishTV Review: Brian Mackey Music Video "Honest Love"

Brian Mackey has a truly beautiful song in "Honest Love." Catchy, lyrical and touching, "Honest Love" tells of how hard it is to come by great, true love. However, although it is hard and rare to find, it is worth it. More worth it than small dalliances and small, fleeting affairs.

His music video is also very well done. For most of the song it is just Brian and his guitar, pouring out his emotions while strumming away. However, it also shows people from all walks of life who believe in honest love. They are poor, rich, different nationalities, homeless and successful. This contrasts to Brian's slightly cynical view of honest love.

It seems that Brian really wants to believe in honest love and as he explains, has attempted many times to try and hold onto true love. However, because of his bad experiences with love he struggles to understand when he will next find it and for how long. The people in the background of his music video clip create a more happy feelings and are more hopeful.

Perhaps this is the moral of the song and music video- no matter how difficult honest loves is you will ever find honest love without remaining just a little bit hopeful.



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