Tuesday, June 16, 2015

POSSIBLE OR NOT? Can An "Indie Artist" ACTUALLY Chart On Billboard Without Being Signed To A "MAJOR"...?

Here’s one for the books! Christine Storm has an undeniably catchy tune “Shoulda Coulda Woulda” written by both Storm and Grammy nominated/Golden globe winning producer Frank Greenfield, that's hit Billboard's Mainstream Top 40 for a total of 8 weeks straight. The hit features soaring vocals from a classic rock influence with a twist of dance-infused pop, and she doesn't plan on stopping there.

Recently collaborating with Curtis Young, Storm proclaims her new sizzling electronic, dance single "Enter the Storm" an upbeat anthem that sneaks in with a growing bass line grabbing onto you refusing to let go, "...will leave my "Storm Angels" (A term Storm uses to refer to her fans) super amped and wanting more"! The short, sweet and straight to the point lyrics will have you humming, dancing and singing all throughout the day. If you haven't heard them yet, both singles are available now at all online retailers worldwide. So there you have it, indie artists TOO can top the charts and you absolutely do NOT have to be signed to a "Major". Indie artists…. if you got what it takes, ANYTHING's POSSIBLE!



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