Friday, March 20, 2015

Legendary Stax Guitarist Steve Cropper And Rock Newcomer Matt Miller Make Beautiful Music Together

Cleveland, Ohio may be the "rock and roll capital of the world," but Matt Miller, Cleveland’s newest rock export, has been making beautiful music with Memphis legend and renowned Stax guitarist, Steve Cropper.

Cropper plays guitar on Miller’s re-make of the 1967 classic, "The Hunter," previously recorded by Albert King, Ike & Tina Turner and Led Zeppelin. Additionally, Miller and Cropper co-wrote (with producer, Eddie Gore) two new songs, "Remember Us," and "Last Ride" for Miller’s debut album.

"It was a huge honor to work with Steve," says Miller. "I'll never forget the first encounter. Imagine waiting in a studio anticipating that at any second someone you've always aspired to is about to walk through that door. It was all nerves for me up until that point, but once we sat down with our guitars, we just let the music flow. It was as incredible experience that I'll always reminisce upon. Play it, Steve!"

Cropper’s legendary reputation began with his years as the guitarist of the infamous Stax Records house band, Booker T. & the MG’s, playing behind Memphis’ own musical royalty, artists like Sam & Dave, Johnny Taylor, Rufus Thomas and the inimitable Otis Redding. He later appeared in the classic film, "The Blues Brothers" and toured as a member of the Blues Brothers band. He is considered one of the world’s greatest guitarists, and was named by Mojo Magazine as the second-best guitarist ever, with only Jimi Hendrix beating him in the rankings.

Miller, who recently celebrated his 21st birthday, discovered his love for music in high school with the formation of his alternative rock band Shred Rot in 2010. "We captured pure raw energy, he states about the power trio that emerged from the Cleveland School of Rock. "We just got on stage and gave it our all. Sometimes music can get a message across better than words can, and we wanted to be the ones to deliver that message."

After the band broke up, Miller still wanted to "deliver that message," and moved forward as a solo artist. "The solo experience has helped me grow as an artist, evolve as a songwriter, and develop my artistry."

"Writing with Steve Cropper has been an unforgettable learning experience," continues Miller. "I’m learning about the craft of songwriting – from a legendary songwriter, and I’m learning about the industry from musicians who have navigated it for years. All of this has had a huge influence on me. It is monumental to have someone like Steve Cropper to look up to!"

Cameras were rolling during the extraordinary sessions and a trio of short clips have been released with commentary from Miller, Cropper and Gore which can be viewed here:

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