Monday, February 9, 2015

Amateur, Unsigned, And Independent Entertainers Receive A Unique Opportunity Of A Lifetime

Dallas,TX - (02/02/2015) -- EnterView Nation, an online talent contest , will launch a new platform for Musicians, Dancers, Comedians and Film Directors to showcase their talent in February 2015.

The online talent contest based in Dallas, TX, was created by Founder and CEO, Elliott Jackson, whose desire and goal was to change the talent contest scene worldwide.

"There are many talented people out there who never get the opportunity to share their gift with the world. They dream of stardom and fame only to have their dreams extinguished by time and the harshness of life. I started EnterView Nation to provide amateur, unsigned or independent entertainers the opportunity to show the nation and the world what they have to offer. The opportunity to have real people vote and provide real time feedback to help the entertainer grow in their craft is invaluable to aspiring entertainers." stated Elliott Jackson.

EnterView Nation allows the entertainer to take all that hustle and determination and channel it into one platform that gives them the best opportunity to realize their dreams. This is the opportunity of an entertainer’s lifetime.

Any amateur entertainer will be able to set up their own artist stage on EnterView Nation's website for the viewers to vote on. The website is an interactive, social network platform where the work can be displayed and the artist can interact with their fans. Language or geographical location doesn't matter. All styles are welcome and encouraged to register. The contest is like no other. Entertainers compete for bi-weekly cash & prizes and the leading vote getters in each category will receive a Grand Prize at the end of the contest. This is not a publicity stunt, this is American Idol and Americas Got Talent all rolled into one and driven by the power of social media.

About EnterView Nation
EnterView Nation was founded by Mr. Elliott Jackson. Their mission is to provide a platform for amateur and unsigned entertainers to showcase their talent on a national level by accessing the power of social media. Through interactive contests, entertainers have access to potential fans from around the globe enabling them to reach an earning potential that is only limited by their talent and work ethic. Registration begins February 15th and lasts for two weeks only. Visit EnterViewNation.Com for more information. This is how the nation views entertainment.

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