Friday, February 13, 2015

MusicDish*China #ToChinaWithLove Valentine's Day Playlist

MusicDish*China unveiled its #ToChinaWithLove Valentine's Day playlist on Chinese music sites Ximalaya and Douban. The 11 songs were selected from over 100 entries from around the globe, including the Netherlands, Nigeria, UK, Australia, South Africa, France, Russia, Spain, Germany, Canada, Reunion Island, Sweden, Japan, India, Israel and Singapore.

#ToChinaWithLove Valentine's Day Playlist
"My Funny Valentine" - Sandy Bigara (Vintage 40s Blues)
"Easy To Love" - The Lucky Ones (Pop)
"Broken Heart Surgery" - Taylor MDNA (Punk/Pop)
"One Reality" - Ooberfuse (Electro Pop)
"Hold Me Still" - ERLAND (Singer/Songwriter)
"You Are My Everything" - Natalie Jean (Jazz)
"Love, Love, Love" - Leigh Loyd (Pop)
"Ghost" - Sterling Fox (Rock)
"Lose My Mind" - Consuelo Costin (AC Pop)
"Valentine" - Cary Judd (Acoustic Pop)
"You Will Be My Music" - Doug Ferony (Swing)

Listen #ToChinaWithLove Valentine's Day Playlist

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