Friday, February 13, 2015

Robert Kramer Releases "Branded" For Valentines Day

The new Robert Kramer single "Branded", a sultry,erotic pop tune destined to become a favorite, is already steaming up the airwaves ahead of Valentines Day.

Its' steady moving rhythm and sensual minimalist approach is a departure from Kramers' usual fare, and much removed from his last single "Place In My Heart", a tender R & B track featuring Frank Zappa vocalist Napoleon Murphy Brock. The new tune is getting heavy rotation on internet and terrestrial radio worldwide.

This time out, Kramer seems at ease with a new, direct vocal ethic, "Branded" being the first in a series of a whole string of all new material being characterized as "Kramer 3.0"

"It's a total 180 for me.." he comments. "You reach a certain point as a composer where you need to start taking more risks..I've felt the frustration of playing it safe..this new batch of material is a complete departure from the early tunes."

Stating this is the first in a series of new songs slated for a new concept album titled "Shadow Logic", Kramer is choosing to take a reverse approach in compiling the tracks for this next album.

"Each song is going to be completely different." says Kramer, who claims in bygone eras, the pop music charts weren't just all "rock n roll" or "pop music".

Pop charts used to offer the listener a variety of genres. Kramers' approach is a return to that method of delivering music to the public.

"We're releasing each song individually over a period of time, allowing the listener to compile the order for themselves. There's progressive rock, acoustic piano power ballads, some pop, a bit of jazz/fusion..something for everyone. Why lock yourself into one type of music?"

With the advent of the individual mp3 digital download, the record industry has, in effect, returned to the concept of the "single".

Kramer claims he's releasing each song to let it stand on its' own instead of having to buy a whole album just to get the one or two songs you really want from an artist.

"That's why we're calling the album "Shadow Logic". There's 14 or 15 songs we've got marked for release in the next few months. It will be interesting to observe the reaction as each song is revealed over a period of time, kind of like waiting for the next episode of your favorite tv drama. And there might be videos or special tv events connected to some never know what will happen next.."

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