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Former Rock and Roll Journeymen Turn Their Sights Towards the Past as they Blend the Raucous Nature of Country with the Melody of Classic Rock with the Release of their Latest Single "Fine Wine

(Midwest U.S.A. - September 2014) – The New Black Seven are the Heartland: loud, honest, pure and full of energy but also tempered by a heavy sense of melody and introspection. Their firebrand country is saddled in the roots of the 60’s and 70’s longhaired country revolution as well as the tunefulness of today’s modern dynamic. From top-down highway songs to tailgate love affairs, The New Black Seven deliver country rock juju that contemporary acts like Blackberry Smoke and Eric Church are using to help spread the gospel, that country is ready to be country once again. And to fan the flames of this resurgence, the band drops their latest single, “Fine Wine”, an homage to the grace and beauty of mature women. The track arrived September 23rd via iTunes, Google Play and Amazon and comes from their upcoming third album God Willin’ And The Creek Don’t Rise (Route 3 Records) due for a Fall 2014 release. An EPK for the track can be located here:

Formed initially in 2010 by guitarist/vocalist Tory Stoffregen and drummer Brentt Arcement, they released the Ep The Old Becomes The New, a blend of roots country, blues, rock and fireside ballads. Soon thereafter guitarist Jason K. Herman joined the ranks helping to solidify the band’s centerpiece and give their dueling guitar harmonies a rock-oriented approach. Already a seasoned live band as all three players had logged in the years with touring rock acts, and it was time to put that experience into a new set of tracks for their debut album Hangovers & Heartbreak (Vanity Music, 2013). Produced by Stoffregen and mixed by noted engineer Cedrick Courtois (Beyonce, Destiny’s Child), The New Black Seven took their modern approach to country testimonials to another level led by the raucous single, “Crazy All Over Me”, a tale of love gone way, way wrong. Filled with big guitars and big choruses, the track caught the attention of regional radio leading the way for other tracks like “That Don’t Sound Country”, homage to the deep musical roots that Jason Aldean could cut his teeth on. Not ones to just look for the good times, “Fly Me To Freedom” found the band utilizing slide, piano and violins to anchor themselves to Stoffregen’s tender baritone ballad about time passing and letting go. The band’s evident rock side came shining thru on “Outlaw” a dirty road number custom made for pool halls and arenas alike, while the straight between the eyes “Can’t Go Home” is pure Lynyrd Skynrd, tough soul with a heart of gold. In addition, the band turned the Motley Crue classic “Kickstart My Heart” on its head, giving it some major country horsepower. Guitarist Jason K.Herman explains, “The H&H sessions were a real pivotal point in the New Black Seven. Especially for me being the new man in the song-writing circle. It was so easy to write with these two guys and the musicianship of being able to play multiple-instruments made us expand on so many ideas, it was a great launching point for where we¹re at today”

Continuous gigging in support of Hangovers & Heartbreak ensued as well as showcases at NAMM and shared bills with everyone from Rick Springfield and Tesla to Blake Shelton and Carrie Underwood proving that they can take the stage with any act that shares in their love for big melodies and timeless sounds.

The band currently finds itself in the studio preparing their 3rd release God Willin’ And The Creek Don’t Rise on their own Route 3 Records at the Shell Rock, Iowa studios of co-producer Wade Goeke (owner of Chandler Limited) with tracking near completion and the band setting up for 4th quarter release. The album will be a continuation of the band’s sounds thus far: rowdy country, melodic rock influence and open-hearted moments that will help solidify the band’s commitment to deliver a record that will have something for everyone while allowing them to share the stage with a broad cross-section of acts. “Fine Wine” is an indication of their classic rock meets modern country melding. A video for the track will begin pre-production the week of September 15th with Luminary Creative taking the reins.

“Our live show continues to evolve with every show. We spent a lot of the year writing, and peppering in shows where they fit. Now with 3 albums in the bucket, we¹re ready to go out and give people one hell of a show” remarks Herman. I think our songs fit into every spectrum. The New Black Seven are also committed to dates during this time as well and will be re-releasing the debut Hangovers & Heartbreak, in addition fans will be able to download “Kickstart My Heart” from the band’s website upcoming setting up fans for the God’ Willin’ Tour. NB7 EPK “Crazy Over All Over Me” “Fly Me To Freedom”

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