Thursday, September 25, 2014

LA-based Hip-Hip Producer Joseph Dancsak Releases New And-1 EP

And-1 is the first official artistic release from Los Angeles-based music producer Joseph Dancsak, exclusively on iTunes today.

Dancsak has made waves in the Trap music world, being featured as one of the Top 5 Producers for Power 106FM's "Who's Next" Competition this year. He was also selected as a featured Producer for the 2014 ASCAP EXPO's Producer Showcase. He continues to place in the top 30 in regular Beatportmix competitions, includingplacing 3rd for the Ralph Myerz & Snoop Dogg's "Do the Damn Thang", 20th for Flosstradamus' "Mosh Pit", and 33rd for Tegan & Sara's, "Closer" remixes, respectively.

This is Dancsak's first official release working under the artist moniker, JDVisionquest3000. Dancsak chose to feature 23-year-old Los Angeles rapper, L-1, throughout the entire six track EP that features a variety of hip hop and electronic styles.

The EP is available exclusively on iTunes beginning September 23, 2014 and everywhere digital music is sold on October 7, 2014.

About the "And-1" EP

The first track, "Flow So Cold", is a mix of hip hop, trap and frenetic dance elements that enigmatically races to a climax before the drop at each chorus. Riney raps about looking for the party and reminds us that "...the condition here is a cardiac."

"Obnoxious", the second track, is a song inspired equally by both Lloyd Banks and Paul's Boutique era Beastie Boys. Dancsak's production has the beat swimming in a pool of hypnotic trap.

Featuring backwards tape machine sounds and a kick drum inspired by the rash of earthquakes Los Angeles has been having lately, "Digital Smoke" is a banging rap record with a futuristic nod to smoking out.

"Murder, Murder, Murder." is a boombap, Cypress Hill-styled organic hip hop jam where Riney raps about the murderous tale of Buddy Hutchins, a man out to get his revenge with a bottle of Jack Daniels and a chainsaw. This track explores a unique use of horns, pianos, funk guitars and live bass, all of which are performed by Dancsak.

Inspired by a group of Midwestern women who smoke too much weed, "Chopped" is a club style rap song with a big bottom end. Riney raps about about rolling up blunts and getting dumbdideedumb.

Finally, "Everybody Rock The Party" sees Dancsak and Riney taking the record full circle back to electro dance and eventually, all out EDM. Dancsak mixes Swedish and Dutch sounds, giving Riney a poetic forum for praising the ladies at the club, and turns Riney's vocal into something akin to a party-hopping alien robot during the chorus.

The And-1 EP will be available through Symphonic Distribution exclusively on iTunes starting September 23, 2014 and everywhere music is available online starting October 7th.

Track Listing:

1. Flow So Cold
2. Obnoxious
3. Digital Smoke
4. Murder, Murder, Murder.
5. Chopped
6. Everybody Rock The Party

All songs were mixed and mastered by Joseph Dancsak with the exception of "Chopped", which was mixed by Edgar Olivares and JD at 508 Studios, Los Angeles, CA.

Get more from JDVisionquest3000 on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, YouTube): @jdvisionquest, or get more information on Joseph Dancsak at

For interviews, copies of the EP for review, and other media requests, contact Christina Anderson at Plastick Media

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