Sunday, September 21, 2014

Atlanta's Peachtree Village Int'l Film Fest To Screen Semifinalist Nez Erok Award Winning Music Video "Beautiful"

Australia artist Nez Erok hits Atlanta, GA for Peachtree Village Int'l Film Festival; screening of her music video "Beautiful", taking place on Friday September 26, 2014. Beautiful is the title of the uplifting song based on Nez's personal prevails over oppression and domestic violence. Initially produced as a dance track but release as an acoustic version to speak to a wider audience.

"Beautiful" is also a semifinalist in the Silent River Film Festival held in California, the track was produced by Nik Felippe. The single highlights the singer's impressive song writing skills of emotion from a real life situation and her diverse take on arrange of musical lyrics.

Nez Erok is not only a singer and performer, she's also an advocate against women violence and supports causes like Xoticar International Women's Day Luncheon.

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For media inquiries about Nez Erok, please contact Pashae Williams at: (404)635-6041 or email:

Born in Perth Western Australia in 1977, yet raised within a Turkish culture at home, Nez's natural talent for music was nurtured by a deep desire to not only find a voice, but to be heard.

In a journey which took her from the school choir to the recording studio, Nez's natural flair for electronica saw her redefine what was thought possible of the genre, creating house tracks that capture the raw emotion usually only exposed in ballads.

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