Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"Breakaway" The New Music Video Combining Fast-Paced Synths And High Energy Animation


You feel the sweat pouring form your face like cold bullets weighing you down, your legs are stiff from being overused and you’re down to your last breath. But nothing can stop you from cycling your way to victory and your heart pumps to the beat of “Breakaway”, the latest track composed by Hearts in Notes to commemorate cycling season and it’s intense competition.

The new single has an accompanying music video however that lets you in on the intensity of competitive cycling; using 3D graphics and the chugging beat of “Breakaway”. The video starts literally at the start line, where all the cyclists are lining up to take off into their quest for the finish line. It’s there where the 3D band beings to set-up and play the warrior song for the main protagonist of the music video. Once the cyclists run off, the protagonist is seen trying to be competitive throughout the entire music video, going through historical cycling routes such as Italy and France.

Interesting use of camera angles and animation give the video a sense of urgency, as the viewer is watching a tiresome cyclist use all of his might to get through the course. At times, cameos from the 3D band make an appearance to cheer on the cyclist and are an integral part of the music video’s cut scenes to add depth and artistic value to the story behind the cyclist. The 3D band has a tint of other animated bands, as the also play a role in the music video and help it cycle along.

In the end, as the cyclist seems to be giving up and become tired, you’re gripped into his focus and suddenly the music becomes louder, and the cyclists desire intensifies and that results in him crossing the finish line in first place.

It around this time where the Tour de France and the Giro d'Italia come around, and this new interesting genre of animated instrumentals are used as motivation for athletes and intrigue for artists, combing two passionate activities, sports and music, into one synergistic creative art form.

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