Monday, January 14, 2013

MusicDishTV Presents "Dance With You" By Jazz-Pop Duo Miss 600

UK Based jazz-pop duo Miss 600 recently released their new video, "Dance With You". Nothing but listening with your own two ears will do this song justice. The beat is an up tempo cut that has plenty of spunk, passion and a powerhouse vocal performance from Miss 600, which includes singer-songwriter Hannah Garner and multi-instrumentalist David Amar. This is feel good music at its best! In many ways, Garner's vocal style reminds me of Beyonce, and yet it remains extraordinarily unique. This lady doesn't fit into anyone's shadow or mold. The music has a full orchestra sound, with horns and an arrangement that just doesn't quit! Amar also shows his prowess, flexing his musical muscles, and believe me, he's much more Superman in that respect than he is Clark Kent. You just can't listen to this without it impacting your mood. The duo is on a supersonic flight to stardom, and as a reviewer, I have to say that "this is a pair of artists to keep your eye on." Whether you've ever heard of them before or not, you will without a doubt find them on your radar, probably sooner than later. One can tell easily that they enjoy what they're doing, and when you have that along with the cohesiveness and brilliance the team exudes, along with raw talent and songs that transport and allow you to feel like you're at a show instead of just listening to a record, that's a winning combination.

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