Friday, January 18, 2013

Tony Maserati Vies For 1st GRAMMY Win For Jason Mraz "Love" Album Best Eng Album Non-Classical Nom

Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Jason Mraz, Black Eyed Peas and Christina Aguilera turn to Tony Maserati for his sound advice. Multiple nominee Tony Maserati and GRAMMY-winning producer Joe Chiccarelli, are current GRAMMY Award nominees for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical, for Jason Mraz's stellar album "Love is a Four Letter Word."

This is Maserati's fourth nomination and would be his first GRAMMY win.

"It's incredibly rewarding to be recognized by my peers. To be involved in a musical collaboration with the likes of Jason (Mraz) and Joe (Chiccarelli) was thrill enough, honestly, but this goes beyond my wildest dreams," said Maserati. "Winning a GRAMMY is the ultimate achievement. It would be an incredible acknowledgement of all of the hard work that has gone into making music that connects with people."

Maserati implements what he calls a hybrid system of mixing. Analogue summing, plenty of vintage compressors and eq's, but automating the mix within the Pro-Tools system. In the case of "Love," he wanted a vintage sound that could compete in an MP3, earbud world. His hope was to get the impact of how dynamic Jason performs a lyric while still sounding in sync with his contemporaries.

"This is the second record I've made with Jason, and it抯 always a collaborative process. For 'Love,' I went to the studio while they were finishing the recordings. I listened, I watched them, and chatted about their approach and direction," said Maserati. "Joe gave me references to a couple �70s records by Paul Simon and Elton John. I also did some listening to David Bowie and Billy Joel once I really understood the vibe Jason wanted. The end result here is more modern, but the attitude of that period can be felt and heard throughout, which is one of the outcomes of this collaboration that I really love and am most proud of."

"Tony's first class. His mixes compliment the songs because the are upfront, direct with very little trickery," said Joe Chiccarelli, producer. "High Fidelity but never lacking emotion or character, the mixes tell the story of the song while keeping Jason抯 performance and songwriting talents front and center.�

The GRAMMY-nominated team for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical for Jason Mraz's "Love is a Four Letter Word" includes Tony Maserati & Joe Chiccarelli Steve Churchyard, Lars Fox, Graham Hope, Morgan Stratt & Bob Ludwig (mastering)

When asked what it would be like to finally bring home GRAMMY gold, Maserati simply replied: "Music to my ears!"

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