Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trance/Electronica Artist Eutheria Releases Debut CD 'Forever'

ListenOut, Ltd. announced today that Trance/Electronica artist Eutheria have released their debut album entitled ‘Forever’. Moreover, the five track EP is being offered as a free download at Eutheria’s official website, www.eutheria.co.uk/.

Commenting on the new EP, Tom Callahan of Eutheria stated, "I started writing songs for this album in April, and in November I began recording the CD. Most of the music you hear is electronic, but I also played the guitars and performed the vocals."

Eutheria is a melodic trance / electronic project formed in 2010 by Tom Callahan, who is also a guitarist in the emerging British band Silent Descent. Taking influence from artists such as Basshunter, Pendulum and David Guetta, Eutheria's focus is to create melodic, emotional music whilst keeping the energetic club vibe.

"My other projects have always been quite different from this one as my main focus is on the metal band Silent Descent. I’m always surrounded by rock and metal - but I was ready to do something different. I played around with several ideas and discovered some good sounds and styles with the electronica/trance genre, and it just evolved into this EP. My goal was to touch people’s emotions and really focus on producing something that was musically powerful."

The 'Forever' EP covers several different styles within the electronic genre. Opening tracks "Start Again" and "Now or Never" are hard hitting club dance tracks, along with the fourth song "Broken Free". The third track, "Question Yourself," takes a drum & bass style approach, while the final track "Forever" is a more chilled out, soulful track. Despite the variations in style, all tracks focus on being melodic, vocal based and emotive.

Visit http://www.eutheria.co.uk/ to download the free EP Forever.

Tom Callahan
ListenOut, Ltd.

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