Thursday, December 16, 2010

AAPCS: Xmass 2010 - The American Way - Free Mp3 Gift

Country Music Association Artist H-II: Stephen Michael Apatow has initiated the America's Action Plan for Community Service [1] to target the unmet needs of frontline service programs on the city/county level in all 50 states. The vehicle for this initiative is touch outreach, engagement of local artists and members of the arts and entertainment industry in venues that provide an opportunity for executive directors of frontline programs to spotlight:

1. The scope of unmet needs in their demographic area.
2. Nonprofit and service organizations working to address these needs.
3. An outline of How to Help: To focus financial contributions, inkind donations, volunteerism.

In conjunction with this effort will be an objective to establish an America's Action Plan Network Coordinator, that will provide a permanent direct communication pathway to reach every household, small business and corporation in a city/county area through at least 5 different pathways.

Xmass 2010 Appeal - Emergency Assistance for Unemployed/Underemployed

Since 2008, the economic devastation on the grassroots level has been largely absorbed by the household, small business and nonprofit organizational level. In conjunction with this transition, we have witnessed one of largest welfare level emergency funding program since the Great Depression, support over 15 million unemployed American's, an action that prevented the collapse of our state and local economies.

During this two year period, we have watched hyperinflation of food and energy costs spiral back to levels seen at the peak of the bubble, adding to the severity of the damage to our local economies. Among those in greatest need are the 17% unemployed/underemployed [2] populations that are struggling to survive. It is in response to these desperate needs, that we are asking our local municipal leaders, grassroots community service and interfaith organizations to organize emergency assistance that will reach these populations this holiday season.

"The American Way" Free Mp3 Gift

The lead Soundtrack "The American Way," from the album "Country Goes Global" has been the focus of Music Industry News Network and as a candidate for 2010 Country Music Song Of The Year. [3] As a gift from the Arts Integration Into Education Initiative, we are providing a free MP3 of the "The American Way" soundtrack, this holiday season..

To obtain a copy the MP3 soundtrack, direct an email request, subject line: "The American Way" to:


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