Thursday, December 16, 2010

Music Pitch Sessions At MIDEM Sync 2011

Four Music Pitch Sessions, to unearth the sync sounds of tomorrow, will be among the highlights of Midem Sync on Monday 24 January, the day dedicated to synchronisation as part of the 45th MIDEM music market in Cannes.

The Music Pitch Sessions provide MIDEM participants with the opportunity to present their musical creations to influential music supervisors and to place their compositions in TV series, advertising campaigns or video games. MTV is looking to pick up an original piece of music for the American adaptation of the series "Skins‚" advertising agency Ogilvy is on the hunt for music that illustrates the smell of fabric conditioner Comfort for its upcoming international campaign, video game publisher Activision/Blizzard is scouting for tracks in various styles for the next version of its global hit DJ Hero and communication agency Grey Group is seeking an original sound for the launch of a new product by Pantene and its accompanying US ad campaign.

The Music Pitch Sessions allow participating artists to reach a wider public. The single "Shine‚" by singer Rosi Golan, was downloaded more than 60,000 times after being chosen for Pantene's ad campaign in 2008, which aired in more than 30 countries. Picked up two years ago by Activision/Blizzard for its game Guitar Hero, Welsh group The Answer went on to become the opening act for AC/DC during their world tour.

In parallel to the Music Pitch Sessions, the Midem Sync day features a panel discussion bringing together some key players in the booming sector of synchronisation, with a keynote speech by P.J. Bloom, star music supervisor of the worldwide hitseries "Glee."

Submissions for the Music Pitch Sessions are powered by Sonicbids and can be made on the MIDEM website.

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