Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Own Your Own" Shows The Vocal Brilliance Of Music Artist, Rachel Fine, With Her Debut CD Due To Hit Stores This Summer!


Sunset Records sets up "Own Your Own" by Rachel Fine, the debut CD that will be in stores all over the world on July 27th!

A consummate vocalist, Sunset Recording artist Rachel Fine delights fans to a mesmerizing full length album of eclectic "Trip Hop" and "Neo Soul" music. "Own Your Own" is an eleven (11) track album that is filled with songs written to feed ones intellect, essence, heart, soul, strength and overall spirit, with music aficionados welcoming this neo soul vocal music artist. "Her vocals are absolutely alluring," says Don Lichterman, head of Sunset Records, "you hear that right away when you see her play live, let alone what they laid down on the CD."

Those dark, intimate vocals make up what has become the signature sound of the US-born singer and songwriter. "The 11 new tracks on "Own Your Own" is a great addition to the Sunset Records repertoire; "Hey Hey Hey" is already impacting a few formats on radio starting this week." says Lichterman. But if Rachel Fine seems unaffected by the success of her music career over the last half year, it may be because she is also the Co-Host of Howard Stern's weekly comedy news series "The Bonus Show" for the iN DEMAND Networks, available on every cable system around the world. On his discovery of Rachel, Lichterman goes on to say he "watched her host "The Bonus Show" for one minute and thought she was incredibly professional at her gig" and that "it reminded me of someone who is a host on E! or Bravo, yet she was talking about the antics of [Howard Stern's] the 'Wack Pack'."

That initial sighting by Lichterman eventually led to a meeting in New York City, which led to the recording deal signed by Rachel and Sunset earlier this year. The label is treating the "Own Your Own" CD as a brand new release with a street date set for July 27, this summer. The completed CD has welcomed surprises from the known television host. Songs like "Forgiveness" and "Care & Closure" are intimate, brooding, soulful ballads that help create that 'Rachel Fine Signature Sound'. Songs like these show off Fine's vocals and her gentle ability to say quite a lot in song. "Much of that is because of her vox," says Don Lichterman, "Rachel [and songwriting partner Timothy Schletter's] ability to write accessible songs are what make this album great. The song "Fly By" is another sentimental track that's also coated with that 'Rachel Fine'; a layered groove that you find in every song on this CD."

The CD is a velvety blend of neo soul and trip hop sounds that is neither pure "smooth jazz", nor straight up "R&B." The songs are arranged in a very precise way to draw the listener in with Fine's vocals. Fine wrote all the lyrics on the album. While the overall matter seems to be about love and life, there is also a haunting sense of lament, solitude and isolation — a secret, whispered, confessional intimacy which is clearly written from the pain felt in her life. Born in Ohio before moving to Arizona, California, Florida, and then New York, Rachel grew up surrounded by music from a very young age. From those early years, she played drums as a percussionist in a nationally competitive band, and the young talent started showing off her vocals by singing National Anthems at varied events, including the inaugural game for the XFL.

The label (Sunset Records) is planning some unique ways to promote and market Rachel's new CD. "We have great things in mind for Rachel," says Lichterman, "My plan is to get her out of her element a bit, starting this month by doing things like playing live with other established pop, jazz, classical and singer / songwriters." The label will release those new live recordings at Sunset Live. Rachel is also being featured on starting next month. Lichterman continues, "the label and Rachel are awarding her BIGGEST fan with 2 FREE TICKETS to next year's Grammy Award Show in Los Angeles!" That will be a half year campaign starting in July for Rachel, Sunset Records and There are also plans to shoot a new music video this August with acclaimed photographer, Studio X.

With obvious influences of Sade, Erykah Badu, India.Arie, Portishead, and Jill Scott, Rachel is the next fine addition to the neo soulful vocal music world. Now that the wait is over, Rachel Fine fans have expressed their gratitude in so many ways: starting a 'Betty White to host SNL'-like campaign on Facebook to get Maxim Magazine to feature the model/TV Host/vocal music artist, pre orders at online retailers (Amazon), special pre sales at sites that sell downloads, streams and ringtones (iTunes), plus her growing popularity as the TV show Co-Host for Howard TV on Demand's "The Bonus Show" (new shows air weekly beginning every Monday at Midnight). As her popularity grows, one thing is certain. Rachel Fine's new album, "Own Your Own", is one of the finest full length vocal CDs that has been released in the last decade.

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