Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Revenue Streams For Artists

Shoutomatic is best described as an audible Tweet where you can record and then broadcast an actual voice message to be "heard" within your Facebook status updates as well as across all social networks and web spaces. Using ShoutOmatic is a much more compelling and engaging proposition versus that of a 140 character text message; especially for Fans of Artists and Celebrities that most believe an intern is typing them.

Artists can Shout-Out about upcoming gigs, album drops, TV appearances, charity events, etc. The ShoutOmatic platform is FREE and easy to use and is available right now at http://ShoutOmatic.com.

Celebrities, at their option, and for any desired dollar amount, can offer their Fans "Personal Shouts" to "buy". Fans can order Personal Shouts for themselves or as a gift and is more lucrative for the Artist than selling Albums. ex: "Hey Norm, it's Chuck D giving you a Happy Birthday Shout! Bring the Noise this coming year and tell your friends Chuck D says Hello!"

Furthermore, with ShoutOmatic, you can "Follow" other people, Re-Shout other Shouts, Shout-Back to other shouts and Direct-Message (DM) audibly to each other.


Website: http://ShoutOmatic.com
Fans hearing the Artists' voice is more compelling and engaging than 140 characters of text typed by an intern.
Sell more Music. Sell more Tickets.

Contact: Norm Levy (normlevy @ shoutOmatic . com)

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