Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Luna Chica Records International Launches With Diverse Roster, Progressive Business Model


(Nashville, Tenn. - June 8, 2010) New independent record label, Luna Chica Records International, has officially opened its doors in Nashville with a fearlessly diverse roster of artists and a contemporary approach to traditional music business practices.

"In today's digital age, we have to completely switch gears when thinking about music and the business of music," says Brenda Cline, Luna Chica Records General Manager/A&R Director. "We are prepared to do that and we are doing that. We're not bogged down in rhetoric and red tape. We make decisions and move quickly."

With emphasis on targeted Internet marketing, digital distribution and online sales, Luna Chica Record's business model typically offers artists more flexibility and a larger percentage of established and emerging revenue streams than conventional record label contracts. Through its strategic partnerships, the label is able to offer a full range of artist services, including video production, artist and songwriter development, sales and distribution, record production, new media marketing, career consultation and more.

Luna Chica's debut roster includes all-star Country and Americana outfit, Burrito Deluxe, hard rock band Hip Kitty, Contemporary Christian singer-songwriter Tommy Job and the label's newest signing, Memphis rocker Ty Crook.

"We are going back to the way labels used to operate," says Cline. "They used to go out and scout talent and develop it. Artists used to be judged on their talent, not their age. Being uniquely different was an asset for an artist, and we think it still is. LCR will seek out unique, great music and give fans something that they want, not something they are force-fed. Artists understand our concept and find it very refreshing."

Founded by Colorado businessman and music entrepreneur Paige Cofrin, Luna Chica Records International is staffed by a host of music industry veterans, led by General Manager and A&R Director Brenda Cline. Cline, former owner of artist development company Artist Concepts and management and development company NashRock Entertainment, oversees all day-to-day label operations.

A contact list for Luna Chica Records International follows below. Contact the LCR offices at 2826 Dogwood Place, Nashville, TN, 37204 or at 615-383-0103.

Paige Cofrin - President & CEO -

Brenda Cline - General Manager & Director of A&R -

Kimberly Maiers Shaw - Artist Relations & Marketing -

Sheldon Bradley - Director of New Media -

Stephanie Koehn - Creative Services -

Gigi Swanson - Project Management -

Rod Parkin - Songwriter Development Consultant -

Wayne Halper - Legal and Business Affairs -

Upcoming Luna Chica Records digital releases include Hip Kitty and Tommy Job (summer 2010) and Ty Crook (fall 2010). For more information about Luna Chica Records International and its artists, visit

About Luna Chica Records International:
Luna Chica Records International (LCR) is a Nashville-based independent record label. Its unique technology and service-driven business model provides new ways for independent artists to promote, market, distribute and sell their music. It also allows artists' access to top industry professionals in all areas of the business. The non-conventional model of LCR includes online sales and distribution, a network of strategic partners who offer a multitude of consultation and artist development services and impressive new media technology driven toward marketing. For more information, visit

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