Sunday, June 27, 2010

Get Busy Living. Start Making Music


Sometimes we postpone our passions to such a degree that life passes us by without us following our dreams and desires. Days go by, weeks go by, months go by, and years go by. Are we living the life we want to live? Are we making music the way we want to? Or too busy doing minor things and not focus on our real passions which drives us from within. If your passion and dream is to make music then get busy doing it than delay another day

Its all fine to say that, then how does one go about doing it?

Bite Size Tasks â€" Break It Down
First of all it is key to recognize that even if its a surmountable goal, we break it down into simple manageable tasks. Say for instance, your dream is to be able to play the piano so you can play it as your main instrument or accompany yourself while singing or compose on it. If you haven't already mastered it then the first step is to take appropriate lessons. What can you do today towards that goal? Maybe find a piano teacher near you or write down ways to save or make money for the piano lessons. If you are already in a band and creating songs, then create a business plan for your band promotion, or find ways to promote your band online to find new fans. If you have already created a CD, then find ways to network offline and online to get your music heard one fan at a time. It all starts with one fan getting to know your music and passionately spreading the power of your music to the world. Never ever underestimate the power of your fans

Do, Learn, and Do Until You Achieve
Thirty years from now, we will be regretful of the things we did not do or didn't even attempt than by the things we did do or even tried and failed. But then there are no failures in life only learning experiences. If that's the case its a win/win situation to try and do things we are passionate about. If and when we so call 'fail', we simply discover what doesn't work for us so we 'learned' something in the process then we won anyway. If we managed to achieve what we wanted to in the first place then its a win situation also. If we didn't, then we change our approach and do it again, until we achieve what we need to achieve.

Do It Today â€" Get Momentum
The power of acting on your dreams is key to get things in motion. We get so much energy by being in motion. Moving. Doing. Performing. When you go dancing don't you get that feeling of joyful bliss of being in that moment of movement? When you stay in one place, there is no motion. Things are still. Not moving. Not moving forward. Stagnant. What you can do today, towards your making music dreams do it today. Even if its a small task. Especially if its a small task. That will give you the momentum you need to propel forward. When you begin a task, you feel a small victory in your mind. When you do a bit more the next day you have these small 'baby victories' in your mind to move forward even more. When you place your music on a download site for sale, and you see that one fan had bought your music it gives you a sense of satisfaction that you touched that fan enough for them to invest in your music. You continue with your online promotion you find that you have fans listening and buying your music. This will inspire you to create more music. Not just because of the financial rewards but the emotional rewards of knowing that you have touched another human being via your music.

Keep Your Focus â€" Never Lose Sight Of Your Goal
When you are 100% focused on your goal, you become very powerful. No one can deter you from your goal. You are locked into your target destination. If you find yourself deviating from your target goal, you will realize and be aware that you are slightly or significantly off your track and you will adjust yourself back on track. Life may throw challenges at you and you will be challenged at times with the usual resource constraints of finances, lack of time and the usual perceived constraints we are all faced with. If you are not focused and not locked into your target goal, it is very easy for external influences or challenges to throw you off track and keep you off track because you are not grounded into your passionate goals. But when you have your goal locked in, then its hard for the challenging elements to get to you. You are determined. Your intention becomes so powerful that you will not give up. When your intention is 100% of what you really want in your life, then all the energies you need are on your side. You will rarely self-sabotage yourself when you are true to your passions and have your 100% intentions for your lifetime desires/goals. Never let your dreams die. Because your dreams are your wings which will fuel you and give you the strength to fly on your journey to your soul satisfaction

So get busy living the life you were born to live, your best life. The best of you, so we can hear your music when you start making music and when you share with us â€" the rest of the world. Get busy making music at the same time enjoy the journey to your musical creations. Never give up on your dreams, ever.

- A Sincere Note From The CEO,

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