Thursday, June 24, 2010

Video For The Song Air Dance, A New View On Video Creation For Urban Music


The videos for the songs Bahia Dream, Over and Air Dance, extracts of the album United Souls, have been released on the major video sites.

The videos to be discovered have been created by the talented artist, Anna Passarelli. She translated in a sublimate way the musical univers of Robert Lauri's songs. In the video Air Dance she created a special view by mixing different worlds of emotions around the theme Air Dance; real live and joy all in harmony with the innovative tunes of the song Air Dance by Robert Lauri.

Robert Lauri conceived the album United Souls as a melting pot where all musical cultures, a mixture of rap, soul, country and even gospel are brought together in a single album, even within a single track.

The artiste has contributed his experience and his inexhaustible talent to the production of United Souls to create new worlds each time.

Robert Lauri lets us discover all the richness and diversity of his creative melody-making force and offers tracks that could be described as “new sound”. He reveals new musical moods that have a “French touch” while delivering vibrant classical, pop and rap rhythms.

Robert Lauri’s “United Souls” album consists of songs which have their own special magic.

The album is now available from the major download stores and the CD from

Watch the video on Youtube:

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