Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Music Release: Rachel Fine - "Hey Hey Hey"

Rachel Fine - "Hey, Hey, Hey"

"Hey, Hey, Hey," the brand new single from Rachel Fine's debut record, "Own Your Own," is fresh and funky, and a soulful breath of air. The bass line pops in groovy sync with the sparse beat and Fine sings with a confident and sultry tone. Her lyrics speak of her struggles and perseverance in life and her strength shines through. Bluesy vocal harmonies coast this track with a tasty shell and the funky guitar vamp pulls it all into focus.

"Own Your Own" is an eleven (11) track album that is filled with songs written to feed ones intellect, essence, heart, soul, strength and overall spirit, with music aficionados welcoming this neo soul vocal music artist. "Her vocals are absolutely alluring," says Don Lichterman, head of Sunset Records, "you hear that right away when you see her play live, let alone what they laid down on the CD."

Sunset Records sets up "Own Your Own" by Rachel Fine, the debut CD that will be in stores all over the world on July 27th!

Website: http://www.rachelfine.sunsetrecordings.com

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