Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eye On China: Metro Vocal Group - Under a Vast Sky

On Youtube "Metro - Under a Vast Sky":


Subsequent to releasing their highly successful version of Joey Yung's "My Pride" on YouTube and MOGO, Metro Vocal Group has now decided to tackle one of the greatest songs ever to come out of Hong Kong, "Under a Vast Sky" by arguably the best rock band Hong Kong has ever produced, Beyond. The video is set to release on June 30th, as this is the anniversary of the tragic death of lead singer and songwriter, Wong Ka Kui. According to musical director Sean Oliver, they wanted to pay tribute to the musical visionary whose songs were a strong part of Metro's inspiration to begin performing in Cantonese.

The accompanying music video is a somber reflection of the genuine depth and sadness of the Wong Ka Kui story. The video begins with a quote from the great musician, "Music is the international language. If there is music, the world will never end." These words encapsulate the life and mission of Wong Ka Kui until his untimely death, which Metro have tried to capture in their version of his song and accompanying video.

Metro is an internationally known, four-man a cappella group, originally hailing from the United States who have been performing all over the world for the past twelve years. Their music embraces such genres as pop, doo-wop, classic rock, barbershop, R&B, Broadway and jazz. Metro Vocal Group is currently working on their next project. Due to release in September, it will be their first Mandarin song.

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