Friday, April 30, 2010

Air Dance Extract Of The Album United Souls By Robert Lauri


Robert Lauri conceived the album United Souls as a melting pot where all musical cultures, a mixture of rap, soul, country and even gospel are brought together in a single album, even within a single track.

In the album United Souls, Robert Lauri crosses various musical genres. It is unconventional music with innovative accents incorporating catchy rhythms and innovative melodies.

The artist lets us discover all the richness and diversity of his creative melody-making force and offers tracks that could be described as "new sound". He reveals new musical moods that have a "French touch" while delivering vibrant classical, pop and rap rhythms.

Robert Lauri's "United Souls" release consists of songs which have their own special magic. They "speak" to the younger audience as lovers of dreamy or melancholic musical creations.
"Bahia Dream" is an ideal song for the Summer holidays season with the "French touch", a shade of melancholy, in an exotic universe made of bandonion.

The album will be available from the major download stores in June and the CD from Some of the new tracks to discover are Air Dance, DarkLight, People, It's like that.

Besides this release, Robert Lauri is the Godfather of a new project, mymusicradio-tvshows for independent artists that will be launched in a few weeks offering airplay and show features.
Robert says :
"There are a lot of talented musicians that have a need for more airplay and interviews. I am supporting initiatives that can enlarge the audience for the independent artists family". More info will be communicated by the owners of the project soon.

Robert Lauri has been an author, a composer and a performer since his tenderest years. His musical career has been punctuated, for more than thirty years, by some hits and a successful international career - both in the United States and in Europe - with the Alef band.

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