Monday, April 26, 2010

Michael Desselle - "Low Tech Red Neck"

Michael Desselle - "Low Tech Red Neck"

With "Low Tech Red Neck" Michael Desselle completes a departure from the "Artist formerly known as Molten Mike", implementing the very natural transition from Blues to Country.

This country style song sports a powerful adoption of genre standards, exposing a great musical performance by Michael, while at the same time exalting his colorful deep voice and his thought provoking lyrics. What's really impressive about this song is the mannier in which Desselle so uniquely mixed the classic sound of country music with these modern topics. It's not one to be missed.

Country Artist Michael Desselle has just released "Low Tech Redneck" and "Goin' Back to Tennessee" through Ranluron Music.

Michael Desselle's songs can be listened to and hard copies or downloads can be purchased by going to, Itunes, Allmusic and Digstation,and many other download sites.

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