Friday, August 7, 2009

Swagga Jonez Releases Debut Album, "Intro To Budha" Available August 18, 2009

Growing up in Gainesville and South Dallas, TX, Budha echoes the life he's experienced in his music. Budha says "I am a universal artist; I'm comfortable in many suits. I can go from down south crunk to conscious songs." This is apparent on the album, from the hard-beats and lyrics of "P*L*A*Y AH" to the smooth R&B realisms of life, in the hit single "Come Around".

After being introduced to Hip Hop fans on; "We Right Hea" of the album MVP'Z Most Valuable Playaz 2000, "Yee" featuring Too Short and Budha produced Lil Jon on E-40's album "Ghetto Report Card" and then Budha's song "Real Talk" (now known as "Party") on "Sick Wid It Umbrella", produced by Droop-E. The time has come for Budha to release the much anticipated "Intro to Budha". "Intro to Budha" features rap legend Bun B of UGK in "Put It Down" and the ever so popular Paul Wall featured in "Drop It".

Budha chose an indie label for the release of his debut album. He feels that an indie label would allow him to control the message that best portrays him. There are rumblings that Budha is the next sensation in the rap world as evident by his song writing ability and collaborations in the music industry.

You can also check-out Budha with Big Daddy Kane, Bonecrusher and E 40 in the indie film "Deadly Heist" as the character Mac Henry.

Available at Best Buy, FYE, Sam Goody, iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Shock Hound, emusic, LaLa and more.

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