Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Artist Philip Vandermost Teams Up With Chart-Topping Record Producer For New Cd Release "The Long Path"

(Los Angeles, CA) - When musician Philip Vandermost launched his solo career last year, he was ready to establish himself as a songwriter and performer who connected with audiences everywhere. Today, Vandermost releases his second CD, "The Long Path," a record produced by Andrew Alekel who is credited for producing and engineering albums for No Doubt, Foo Fighters, Matt Costa, and Queens of the Stone Age. The album available on iTunes, Amazon.com and at select regional record stores across the country.

"I'm really proud of this new record because it's so much deeper than my previous work," says Vandermost. "Collaborating with Andrew was a great experience for me because he guided me in ways that were outside of my comfort zone, and that's what makes a great project come together." Vandermost was approached by Alekel after hearing the debut album "Automatic August" online, and then after one meeting, Vandermost knew his next project had to be conceived in a studio with a producer that could bring out his own signature sound which he desired for "The Long Path." The album was recorded at Grandmaster Recorders in Hollywood, CA, taking only 11 days to record.

Songs like "Miles to Go" and "The Long Path" hold heavy classic rock influences and catchy verses, but most importantly, Vandermost's signature sound seamlessly mixes the past with the present, forming a sound that stands completely on its own. Each song is a thematic progression of experiences that trace the chapters of one's life and relationships. Particularly, the song entitled "The Long Path" which is the centerpiece of the album. It addresses the fears, dreams and challenges we all face down the "long path" of life.

Since releasing as a solo artist, Vandermost has been successfully establishing himself in the music community and has been featured in many publications such as Coast Magazine, The Orange County Register and Vintage Guitar Magazine. He continues to impress the critics for his for talented storytelling ability.

For complete artist info, photos or music, please visit www.philvandermost.com or www.myspace.com/philipvmusic.

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