Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Twenty Five Radio Stations Add 'Triptych. Shulgin's Songbook' In February

As a result of AirPlay Direct's selection of Russian Composer Alexander Shulgin as their Marquee Artist for the month of February, twenty five radio programmers and DJs downloaded tracks from the 3-album compilation "Triptych. Shulgin's Songbook" for airplay in over eight states and eight nations in three different continents. The jazz compilation, being released by Familia Entertainment, was initially made available to broadcasters/webcasters through AirPlay Direct in anticipation of its distribution to major online retailers through The Orchard in March.


* Rainbow-Stream
* KKG ECMA-Radio
* Highland FM (107.1 FM)
* Nambucca Valley Radio (105.9 FM)
* CFLX Radio Communautaire de L'Estri (95.5 FM)
* Apple-FM
* Radio Sentrum Trondheim (FM100 FM)
* Wernis Western Welle
* Radio Web Italia
* Radio Six International (88.5/9 FM)
* Radio Gets Wild


Broadcast (US)
* WTGE Country Legends (107.3 FM) [Louisiana]
* WSLM (5,000 FM) [Indiana]
* CKWR-FM (98.5 FM) [New York]
* WMTC Mountain Gospel (99.9 FM) [New York]

Internet Radio (US)
* WICR Broadcast Country Radio [New York]
* Le Jazz Affair [Colorado]
* Sound Machine Radio [North Carolina]
* Smooth Groove Phoenix.com [Arizona]
* ARIES' ERA [New Mexico]
* WWRG Radio Galactica [Florida]

Radio programmers and DJs can stream and download broadcast quality tracks from the complete Triptych compilation:
* Triptych. Alexander Shulgin's Songbook Part I
* Triptych. Alexander Shulgin's Songbook Part II
* Triptych. Alexander Shulgin's Songbook Part III

"'Triptych, Shulgin's Songbook, Part 1' is simply a phenomenal album! It's a jazz lover's paradise. This album is a fusion between jazz and easy listening, suitable for every situation - background music, cozying up with your lover, or just chilling out and relaxing." Michele Morris, MusicDish magazine

Produced by the successful DWB stable of writers and producers, the "Tryptych" compilation features Shulgin's music, melodies and instrumentals that have yet been played before. With inventive use of the Spanish nylon strung acoustic guitar as a main lead instrument, it conjures up sunsets in Spain and peaceful sunshine bathed fields swaying in the breeze. There is a blend of modern Chillout styles and some more Urban sounding Jazz tinged opuses on this album - music to have a warm bath in. The compilation brings together an impressive array of talent, raging from producers Paul Drew and Richard Niles to nitable jazz names as Gary Husband, Martin Taylor, John Patitucci, Simon Rushby, Bob Mintzer and Jon Howell to name a few.

Alexander Shulgin is a leading executive in the new Russian music industry, having worked with such iconic artists as Valeria, Mumiy Troll, Dima Malikov, Gruppa.fm and many others. Mr. Shulgin owns and operates Familia Entertainment, a record label, and Familia Publishing, a publishing company. His catalogue includes not only top-10 songs but also a diverse array of rare releases, including hundreds of the best-known Russian gypsy songs, Songs of Siberian Exile and Best Songs of WWI, all of which are part of a Russia's unique musical heritage.

His latest project is a three-album compilation titled "Tryptych" that contains new music. melodies and instrumentals from the composer's works that had yet to have been performed. The albums were recorded by an impressive line-up of artists including legendary drummer Billy Cobham, pianist Gary Husband, bassist John Patitucci and guitarist Paul Drew to name a few, uniting their various styles on the three albums in a harmony.

AirPlay Direct is an easy to use digital file transfer system that was developed to streamline radio / artist promotion activities for today's music industry. AirPlay Direct's FREE services replace the unnecessary time and expense of putting together and sending out costly traditional artist packages and press kits via snail mail. Utilizing the AirPlay Direct system also allows an artist to positively impact the environment by eliminating needless packaging.

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