Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Morsy & Koko Dozo present "The Shine" (free mp3 dance track)

Polarity/1 and his Post-Pop project Koko Dozo (with vocalist Amy Douglas) had the honor of making music with one of NYC's greatest Funkmeisters, DJ Morsy from the Nanachil Crew. They just finished this little pearl called "The Shine." Co-produced by Polarity/1, the track features him on guitar, percussion, voice percussion & synth.

Download Free MP3 of the "The Shine"

"This track really makes you want to dance. The Chorus are made to give your speakers a sense of living and Amy turns them into a pumping machine. Polarity/1's guitar performs its funk screams while piano is jazzy all over the track. The song issues all the polyvalence of this talented duo from planet Koko Dozo (producer Polarity/1 and vocalist Amy Douglas). The beat is like a funky-house piece of stone endlessly burning through space with the bright tail of Amy's voice. Dj Morsy appears as a co-producer and composer and pilot of this aircraft that takes this sound to Earth. This collaboration began when Koko Dozo performed at Morsy's monthly NYC party. After that they went straight to the studio where they experienced 'The Shine' together." - Nicholas Guida

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