Thursday, March 12, 2009 Introduces The 30 Day Music Review Guarantee

While there are many online publications available for independent and unsigned musicians to submit their music for review, there are very few, if any, that guarantee the process of publishing the artists' music review at any given time.

Musicians generally spend incredible amounts of money submitting CD's through the mail in the hopes that someone will provide them with some form of publicity in a reasonable time frame. Quite often the packages they send out are tossed in the garbage without anyone listening to their music.

That's why Catsask Music & Entertainment (, a top Online Music Publication with thousands of independent music lovers, today announced the launch of it's "30 Day Music Review Guarantee" service. A new promotion that gives emerging artists guaranteed press and exposure on's highly respected Online Music Publication.

Tish Meeks of 3 Kisses ( states "I consider it a privilege ANYTIME a reviewer takes the time to listen to our music, share their thoughts and offer us press. Even if the review is not totally favorable, I believe it is important to thank the reviewers. After all, they are essential to us! We NEED them! And just because a reviewer doesn't like one release, doesn't mean he won't like the next. Of course, when we get such cool reviews like the ones from Catsask, we enjoy letting them know how much we appreciate them"

For as little as $10 emerging independent musicians are guaranteed an online music review within 30 days of submitting a minimum of 3 songs and have the option of upgrading to an Interview Plus Package for only $25. The upgrade gives artists the music review guarantee plus a live phone interview, as well as one of their songs posted alongside the review. The artists review is then published on the website and both the song and interview are included in the Catsask CRuMP Radio Podcast. The song and interview are also published on Duss Rodgers' personal blog "The Music Biz Buzz" weekly blog podcast (

"It's rare to find a music service today that pushes the focus towards the satisfaction and the awareness of musicians and artists that happen to pass through their online doors. I mean with so many music publications popping up throughout the internet and the music industry, it's harder for musicians to decide between, and really focus on, what can help them get some real and worthwhile exposure. I'm sure they've had enough of the garbage that just gets delivered as hype nowadays." says Founder and CEO Duss Rodgers, "We've made it our priority to provide the best possible service by putting musicians first. We think that with this approach, musicians will finally be able to get what they want, and need, without having to beg and work as hard to find it."

When asked how they propose to maintain the quality levels of the music they review, Duss Rodgers stated, "Well, we accept all submissions, however, we do preview the music before the agreement is sealed. If we find that the music simply won't make the cut then we'll contact the artist and let them know beforehand. We're not in the business of breaking hearts and killing dreams. If we can't find something positive to say about the music, we're just not going to include it for review."

For additional information about Catsask Music & Entertainment, and to sign up for a music review, bands and artists should visit:

Catsask Music & Entertainment has been providing independent music reviews, music industry marketing news, articles and press releases since 2004. With a focus on customer service and the advancement of the independent musician's career, they have found a unique approach to independent music marketing using free online industry expert interviews and music resource listings.

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