Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mysterious Catman Cohen Urges America To DREAM Again

In honor of the upcoming presidential Inauguration, coinciding with Martin Luther King Day, Catman Cohen has unveiled his new song, I HAD A DREAM, the finale to his third CD....How I Want to Dream: the Catman Chronicles 3... scheduled for February release.

"I wrote 'I HAD A DREAM' at a time when I felt hopeful about the nation, although during these troubled times, it is difficult to maintain a sense of optimism, " Catman Cohen stated. "This has been a tough year for so many people and if this song serves to raise the collective spirit, then that would bring me tremendous satisfaction."

"I wish the incoming President much good luck in rectifying the rampant corruption, moral hazard, venality, cronyism, and cynicism that has spread through the highest echelons of the Establishment. America can be great again, but only through the rediscovery and revival of long abandoned priorities that formed the foundation of the nation's best virtues."

"Finally, I wish everybody a Happy New Year."

Produced and Arranged by James Lum, I HAD A DREAM features special vocal performances by Christopher Spinks, Annette Lum, Justin Lunsford, Jaclyn Beardsley, and anonymous Friends of The Catman Project.

The new song may be sampled at the MySpace site of Catman Cohen:

'I HAD A DREAM' will be made available for purchase on iTunes and a large variety of similar download sites in late February.



A great man had a dream
Ending in a murder scene
And I’m not such a man
Never been so brave or grand

But little one
I had a dream
About a nation that became....

A dazzling sky
The heroes of youth

A burning ache
Resurrecting Truth

My dreamy one
I had a dream
About a nation that became....

A guiding hand
Wipes the greed away

A whistle blown
Digs corruption’s grave

My dreamy one
I had a dream
About a nation that became....

A jasmine wind
Turns the air so sweet

A cleansing spring
Washes stained elites

Oh, little one
I had a dream
About a nation that became....

A brilliant star
‘Bove a poor man’s house

A treasure chest
Let the magic out

My dreamy one
I had a dream.......
Oh, dreamy one, Oh, dreamy one
I had a dream.......

This shadow of a man
Had a dream he can’t forget
A shadow with a dream
A nation changed, a nation blessed

And let us sing...

Lux et Veritas...Victoria
Let’s make our dreams come true...

Lux et Veritas...Victoria
And the dream begins with YOU.........

My dreamy one
I had a dream
A nation changed, a nation blessed...


Special Guest Vocalists:

Christopher Spinks Annette Lum Justin Lunsford Jaclyn Beardsley Anonymous Friends of The Catman Project


Electric and Acoustic Guitars by James Lum
Bass Guitar by Sid Johnson
Keyboards by Catman Cohen
Drums by Anthony Heller
Saxophone, Flutes, and Horns by Rastine Calhoune III
Violins by Kristen Kimiko
Cellos by Kwai Bun


Executive Producer in Heaven
Henry Iglesias

Produced and Arranged by James Lum
Music and Lyrics by Catman Cohen
(c) Keevay Music 2008


Catman Cohen is pleased to announce that a portion of proceeds received from ALL sales of HOW I WANT TO DREAM will be donated to the charities created by his two good friends, PATCH ADAMS and MARY LIGHTFINE.


The Gesundheit! Institute is a home-based hospital founded by Dr. Hunter "Patch" Adams in 1972, located outside of Hillsboro in rural West Virginia. The Institute states its vision as being dedicated to revolutionizing health care delivery by replacing what the Institute sees as greed and competition with generosity and compassion. Creation of Gesundheit! Institute was a topic of the 1998 movie Patch Adams starring Robin Williams. Since the 1970s, the Gesundheit Institute has treated over 15,000 patients without payment, medical insurance or formal facilities. One of the continued missions of the Gesundheit! Institute involves the concept of Humanitarian clowning. The project uses the theme of laughter as an integral element of effective doctoral care. In the past, the Gesundheit! Institute has taken clowns into the war zones in Bosnia, refugee camps in the Republic of Macedonia, as well as South African AIDS orphanages. In October 2007, Patch Adams and the Gesundheit Board unveiled its campaign to raise $1 million dollars towards building a Teaching Center and Clinic on its land in West Virginia. The Center and Clinic will enable Gesundheit to see patients and teach health care design. The Gesundheit! Institute was recently featured in an interview of Patch Adams, conducted by Greater Good Science Center. Adams has been raising money for the Institute for nearly three decades, and his goal is to open a 40-bed hospital in rural West Virginia that offers free, holistic health care to anyone who wants it.

After working as a registered nurse in emergency rooms throughout the United States, Mary Lightfine, a woman who thrives on challenges, decided to join an organization called Doctors Without Borders. That decision has changed her life. Since then she has lived and worked in more than a dozen countries, including some of the most hellish spots on earth. Mary was ambushed and shot at in Somalia and delivered babies in the jungles of Sri Lanka. Mary traveled through perilous Afghani Mountains infested with land mines by jeep, foot and Donkey to reach isolated inhabitants. She brought food to starving refugees by plane in south Sudan, after their villages and crops were destroyed by northern government alliances. She was also one of the first to provide medical aid to Kosovar refugees who had experienced unthinkable horrors. Mary, a seasoned veteran of the Nobel Prize winning organization Doctors Without Borders began sharing her moving stories with students across the United States in 2000. After hearing about her experiences numerous students wanted to spend their time helping others abroad but couldn't find organizations that would accept them into their programs. Most medical volunteer organizations accept only licensed professionals with a minimum of two years prior experience. In collaboration with medical professionals and communities south of the border Mary Lightfine is now able to provide the "opportunity of a lifetime" to others through the founding of Volunteers Without Boundaries Inc., a non profit charity organization.


Who is Catman Cohen?
Mysterious and controversial CATMAN COHEN is the strange, silhouette Canadian artist with the raw bullfrog voice.

Some critics call him the "musical Loch Ness Musician." Others refer to him as "the songwriting Sasquatch." No pictures, no standard biography, and an adamant refusal to perform live, despite various invitations to do so.

Described as "Rock Opera," his songs are based upon social action, notably a cry for the resurrection of neglected heroes (nurses, firemen, teachers, paramedics, soldiers, police, environmentalists, human rights activists, etc) and urgent warnings about the imminent fresh water crisis developing in the nation.

The Catman Chronicles feature a variety of guest vocalists, including goths, she-males, and breathy, sexy sirens. Various music critics have denounced his "out of the box" approach...yet the Catman perseveres down his chosen path, knowing that there is no turning back from doing what must be done, knowing that we must........



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