Thursday, August 25, 2016

MusicDishTV Review: "Hello" Music Video By K-Syran

"Hello," from K-Syran's new album "Smoke In My Veins," is released on August 8, 2016. The new single "Hello", is already climbing the Billboard charts, gaining #38 on Billboard Top 40.

In this music video, the international singer/songwriter K-Syran embraces the edgy social media tech. She always has a knack for putting out creative music videos. Along with the seductive dance tunes, K-Syran films a DIY music video using face filters on Snap Chat. She morphs from a puppy to a cat to a flower crown queen. The sass is definitely there in every second of the video and from the comments it seems people love this original idea.

According to K-Syran, "I think it's a mistake to think that lyrics in dance music cannot deal with anything of substance. Dance is a form of spiritual activity for human beings throughout the history of our kind. That's why I want my music to give audiences music that would move their bodies while engaging their minds. " This snapchat-style clip for this hit serves as a unique breakthrough to get people in sync with catchy melody, while digesting the thought-provoking message in a way free from worry or complexity. Known for her bouncy pop artwork, the Norwegian-born star's music has also been compared to such art rock figures as Bjork or Clodplay.


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