Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Mangled Music Collective Celebrates Their One Year Anniversary By Releasing Over An Hour Of Premium New Electronic Music

Electronic music label Mangled Music Collective is celebrating their one year anniversary by offering fans a pay-what-you-want copy of their most extensive and prolific electronic music album to date, the self-titled "Mangled Music Collective"

After releasing four compilations in only one year, as well as numerous EPs, singles and albums from it's worldwide group of artists, they have gained a rapidly growing following among electronic music fans. They've banded together once again along with various collaborators to put together a comprehensive album of electronic music that showcases the group's sheer talent, diversity, and abilities as producers.

"This project has been such a big undertaking. It's really exciting to see the whole group come together to make a truly astounding album. We're all eager to get this music out to our fans and see it take on a life of it's own" said label head Michael Southard, who also produces music under the moniker Supply Fi, and his ambient project Time Rival.

Released August 18th, with over 70 minutes of top-shelf IDM, EDM, downtempo, future bass, ambient, experimental and glitch music on offer, you can head over to the group's website at to stream or download the entire album. With pay-what-you-want pricing, it can be downloaded free with the option to pay an amount of your choosing if you want to help support this talented group of artists.

If you're a fan of any genre of electronic music, you should be following Mangled Music Collective.

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