Saturday, August 27, 2016

Back To The Roots EP 12" LP

KickMaSomaAss (KMSA) is a Slovak-German Record Label specialized to hardgroove techno, tribal techno and funky techno style. It was founded at the end of 2015 by slovakian dj and producer Andy BSK who is living in Germany. The purpose of this label is to bring so-called "Rare Techno Groove" back to vinyl, which is pushed out from music scene with slow bpm styles like minimal or edm. We want to bring new life to vinyl industry which is bombarded by commercial music styles and give our listeners the already mentioned rare techno groove. Our motto is "Vinyl Never Die" and "Real Djs Play Vinyl". After the huge success with first vinyl record called Centrifuge EP we decided to release our music digitally too. All fans they do not own a turntable home can buy our releases mostly in all internet stores like Beatport, iTunes, Juno,...amm. We cooperate with more than 12 artists from all over the world and we want in the future to release minimum 6 vinyl records yearly and be between the leaders on hardgroove techno music scene.

Now we want to introduce You our newest vinyl record called "Back To the Roots EP". It contains four tracks they are fully loaded with hardgroove, tribal and funky techno sound. The original mix is from Andy BSK and the remixes are from Wyrus, Dj Brutec and Norman Andretti aka Quarill.

The Original mix contains elements from old school techno and hardgroove techno. Fast bpm, tribal percussions and heavy bassline. Its definitely one "rare techno groove" what is in those days really heavy to buy on a vinyl record.

Croatian Dj and producer Wyrus has make a unique remix with a great beat and bassline. His remix is so catchy that all hardgroove techno fans will like it. Elements of deep and funky are combined in one great hardgroove techno track. Definitely one of his best tracks.

French Bruno Valenzuela aka DJ Brutec who is living in Granada Spain is the next remixer on this EP. For KMSA fans is Dj Brutec well known name from Centrifuge EP record. He has cooked for us a great hardgroove track with nice percussions and great tempo. I belive that all DJs will love his remix.

The last remix is from Hungarian music producer Norman Andretti aka Quarill. He has created countless tracks in tribal and funky techno style. His remix has a great bpm and the elements of deep and funky techno makes this track to one club burner for partys or afterpartys.

I hope that You are curious about our new vinyl record and want to listen to it. Use the links above to soundcloud or directly to our official website or find us on google, yahoo or bing using the keywords: kickmasomaass, andy bsk, back to the roots ep. We are very thankful for all feedbacks, coments and support of our releases. Send the feedbacks, coments to with subject: "Name Of The Vinyl Record" or "Feedback" and maybe You will be choosen for sending You our promo vinyl records or our mechandise.


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