Saturday, April 2, 2016

MusicDishTV Review: SCARHOP Official Music Video "EXGF"

Mixing rap, Latin and dub step into one song, Scarhop creates a unique sound with the music video "EXGF," directed by Sergio Iznaola. Possibly groundbreaking, Scarhop raps about how to get over ex girlfriends, ex boyfriends or just ex lives.

He appears to be angry throughout the song at all the exs in his life. But also determined to overcome the bad experiences and find something better and new.

As intended the song really amps up its listeners to want to fight for a good life and good relationships.

The video clip is modern, cool and hip. Scarhop is seen dancing with pretty girls, trying to have fun and enjoy his night as he forgets his ex. This song is also one that could be played in a happening hip hop club.

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