Monday, March 28, 2016

Diegodiego Has Transformed Into The Easter Bunny

The World's most powerful man has done it again!!! In celebration of Easter, Diegodiego has transformed into the Easter Bunny.

Square Easter 2016 The Easter Bunny (also called the Easter Rabbit or Easter Hare) is a folkloric figure and symbol of Easter, depicted as a rabbit bringing Easter eggs. Originating among German Lutherans, the "Easter Hare" originally played the role of a judge, evaluating whether children were good or disobedient in behaviour at the start of the season of Eastertide. The Easter Bunny is sometimes depicted with clothes. In legend, the creature carries colored eggs in his basket, candy, and sometimes also toys to the homes of children, and as such shows similarities to Santa Claus or the Christkind, as they both bring gifts to children on the night before their respective holidays. The custom was first mentioned in Georg Franck von Franckenau's De ovis paschalibus (About Easter Eggs) in 1682 referring to a German tradition of an Easter Hare bringing Easter eggs for the children.

And because the Mayan Entertainer believes that life should be celebrated every second of every day, The fun continues at with fun photos that bring cheer and excitement to all visitors from around the globe who log in daily to the star's site and follow him on his social networks like facebook, twitter and others…

It is a fact, that no entertainer ever, in the history of show business. Has achieved as much global attention so fast, and remained a success for so long without rest. Every second of each day, hundreds of thousands of fans and followers from all the continents help raise Diegodiego's popularity.

Diegodiego has reached record breaking numbers for an artist from the Yucatan Peninsula. The top selling pop music recording artist of all time.​ Diegodiego is a true global phenomenon, Ask anyone around, Everybody is talking about Diegodiego!

Diegodiego is one man you can't take off your mind.

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