Monday, June 8, 2015

MusicDish Review: Kevin Borich's Strong Hold

New Zealand and Australia's blues/funk rocker Kevin Borich produced and directed his studio-grade music video for the first time in over a decade -- "Strong Hold". From conception of a newborn to laughters and the kisses of a family, from Australian sunny beaches to sweaty hot rock concerts, the music video discusses how a person can be supported and loved by his family. The family is one's Strong Hold.

Dreamy red color scheme, psychedelic video footages of a baby growing in the mother's womb, and Borich's rock anthem as the background music of the video, "Strong Hold" really stands out from many indie productions. The video catches your attention in the first 10 seconds and makes you wonder where the story is going. As the video goes on, the touching lyrics and uniquely edited graphics strike your heart again and again, yet ends in a breakthrough moment where everything comes together: music, art, nature, life, love, and most of all, family.

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