Monday, June 8, 2015

Eurovision Contestant Tamar Kaprelian Releases New Single "Yours to Keep" on EP through Killer Tracks' Artists Series

Killer Tracks announces the May 19th release of Yours to Keep from acclaimed singer-songwriter Tamar Kaprelian. Part of Killer Tracks' groundbreaking Artists Series, the EP features three original songs and two Billy Joel covers that take listeners on an emotionally uplifting journey along the arcs of relationships and personal growth. The release of the EP coincides with Tamar's appearance on the Eurovision Song Contest, Europe's most popular musical competition.

Yours to Keep is now available on iTunes. It will also be available on Spotify, Google Play, Amazon and other music outlets worldwide. The video for the title track, Yours to Keep, will make its world premiere on VEVO, May 27th.

"We are thrilled to have Tamar as part of the Killer Tracks family, and excited about the release of Yours to Keep¸ which showcases her continued growth as a performer and songwriter," says Andrew Donahue, Director of Marketing at Killer Tracks. "It's an exciting month for Killer Tracks and Tamar with the launch of her new EP, the music video premiere and her appearance on Eurovision!"

The follow-up to California, Tamar's 2012 EP from Killer Tracks, Yours to Keep marks a step in a new direction for the Armenian-American artist. The five tracks were recorded in live studio sessions in New York City and center on Tamar's impressions of her adopted home. "I wanted this new material to reflect the stage in life I am experiencing now," she says. "Something about New York City inspired me to go in a different sonic direction. I wanted these songs to sound like they were recorded in a living room, with me jamming with a group of friends."

The EP's title track is an honest and engaging ballad where Tamar's charismatic vocal is paired with a solo guitar. "At its core 'Yours to Keep' is a simple pop song, something I always strive for," Tamar observes. "You know you have created something great when you can strip it down to a single instrument and it sounds phenomenal."

Tamar began writing songs when she was 14 and first gained public attention when she won an online singing competition sponsored by the band One Republic. Her first album Sinner or a Saint was released on Interscope in 2010 and was followed by California on Killer Tracks' Artists Series in 2012. Her music has been featured on The Hills, American Idol, Ringer and other television series. She has performed alongside such artists as One Republic, Adam Lambert, Far East Movement and Ellie Goulding. Tamar's appearance tonight on Eurovision will be seen by more than 500 million people in 40 countries.

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