Friday, May 22, 2015

Fadi Awad Makes History & Wins In The Global Music Awards!

May 8th 2015, a date that Fadi Awad will never forget! As he won the Silver Medal for his Outstanding Achievements as a DJ/Producer throughout the years, highlighting also his track "Free Your Mind" that was nominated as well in the Hollywood Music In Media Awards 2014! Fadi is a multi-genres DJ/Producer and music composer/songwriter, inspired by all what's beautiful from every genre that popped up from the eighties until today!... Fadi Awad is the only DJ/Producer who reached the final stage of the GMA in May 2015, and he made History by becoming the first DJ/Producer from Vancouver and Lebanon to win in the Global Music Awards!!! Fadi thanked the GMA Organizers, Jury, his team and supporters, hoping for the best, and added:" I have made many music achievements throughout the years without sponsorship neither being hosted by a Major Label. I've ran successfully my Independent Labels in which I have collaborated with top artists from all around the world… 90% of our tracks were highly charted in the digital stores and some of them were charted in several National Charts: US, UK, Germany, France and more… It is time to sign with a Major Label or a sponsor especially that the effective promotion of the top industry's level is very costy!"… A reporter then asked him: "If a serious media or a big investor wants to build an effective completed music Industry in Canada or Vancouver that produces talents to the world with or without foreign collaborations, and asked for your professional assistance, will you be able to do that?"… Fadi replied: "If it's serious, it can be discussed! I have helped and still assisting many artists there in several fields, in a friendly way! I have also composed some of my albums & singles in Vancouver, where I'm always inspired positively!"… Another reporter asked him: "You always used to say that USA is the mother of the worldwide artists, do you think that USA is getting stronger or weaker music wise?"… Fadi replied: "USA is getting stronger and stronger in this field and I'm very thankful music wise to all who appreciated my music, and supported me in USA and worldwide!"…

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