Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tony Adamo Artist/ Mike Clark Music Producer/ Lenny White Does The Mix

Strokeland Records jazz artist Tony Adamo has completed the recording of his new un-named CD at Raw Recording, Paterson, NY. Legendary drummer, Mike Clark, is producing again as he did on Adamo's last release, MILES OF BLU. Tim Ouimette did all of the music arranging. The mighty hip players are: Mike Clark, Lenny White, Michael Wolff, Tim Ouimette, Donald Harrison, Richie Goods, Bill Summers, and Jean C. Santalis. The iconic drummer, Lenny White, from Return to Forever, did the mix for Tony Adamo's Nu-music at Mozart Recording, Clifton, NJ. Adamo's new release will hit the streets in early 2015.

A Double Left Hook PR Gig/ New York City

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