Friday, August 29, 2014

GINGIO Is Set To Assist The Music Industry With Exceptional Services

GINGIO is a boutique firm known for their work ethic across the music industry in the US as well other territories worldwide. Whether it’s a music producer in need of promotion or a record label consultation, GINGIO has provided guidance within the music industry. With an extensive and proven track record, GINGIO is now reshaping the way to do business within the music industry. Some of their recording, coordination and consulting clients include high profile names such as Destiny’s Child, Jermaine Jackson, Queens of the Stone Age, Placido Domingo, Jhen√© Aiko, Snoop Dogg and Whitney Houston and even record labels including Warner Bros. Records, Sony Music Entertainment, and Def Jam Records.

What GINGIO provides for the music industry is invaluable information and the largest directory of music industry contact database in the market today which can be accessed through their website. Each service helps the client shape their career and is built to fit their needs. Services include the following:

Client Review
Project coordination
Video & TV Productions

GINGIO has a department for each service and requires 100% commitment from the respective client. With affordable pricing that other firms cannot match, GINGIO allows the client to tap into their extensive database of contacts within the music industry and their knowledge. For instance the Client Review is a listening session between GINGIO and the client in which GINGIO offers tips, feedback, and a collection of the top music industry contacts at $249.95. Not a bad way to launch your career in the competitive music industry.

Each service GINGIO offers comes with a dedicated team of music industry experts, offering their knowledge and massive contact directories that are specialized and custom made for the client available to download from the website; offering a unique experience for every client, yet yielding positive results. In a competitive environment, it’s assuring to have a dedicated and strong team that knows how to work the inside of the industry, and that’s what GINGIO is ready to do for you.

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