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Plunky & Oneness Release "Never Too Late (Go-Go Remixes)" Maxi-Single

2014 has been stellar year for Plunky & Oneness: the band released their Never Too Late album, celebrated their 40th year anniversary, and they are performing at a record number of high-profile festivals and venues, including the recent Richmond Jazz Festival. The group’s upward trending continues now with the 8/26/14 release of their new EP single, “Never Too Late (Go-Go Remixes)”.

The participants in the production of this “Never Too Late” single compilation range from an OG (Original Go-go-ist) to musicians, deejays and hip-hoppers who can chart the future of the groove. The “Never Too Late Go-Go Remixes” single is deejay conceived project. After hearing the song, Mr. G, a DJ/promoter in Richmond, VA (RVA), immediately envisioned a remix of it for his line dance parties. Mr. G solicited DC’s DJ Dyn-O-Might to create a go-go version of the song. DJ Danja Mowf was recruited to write a rap for the song and he worked with Fire to create the “Never Too Late Hip-Hop Mix” version.

A Jazz Mix of the song was produced by adding keyboard, guitar, bass and sax playing the vamp of Plunky’s 1976 song, “Follow Me” with the go-go drums and vocals of “Never Too Late.” Plunky says of that version, “It’s like we added something from the past to create something new. It’s not jazz in the classic sense, but it does swing!”

J. Plunky Branch was one of the earliest purveyors of the Afro-funk that led to the creation of go-go in the mid-1970’s. Fire, Plunky’s son, is a hip-hop beat maker and producer. DJ Danja Mowf, who co-produced Plunky’s hit song, “Drop,” is a rapper, producer and media mogul who has worked with Missy Elliot, Allyah, and Doug E. Fresh among others. DJ Dyn-O-Might, one of DC’s most prolific producers, is a recording engineer, turntablist, and a professional party starter. Also involved with the remixing and conceptualizing were Trez Iwuola and, of course, RVA DJ, Mr. G.

The song conveys the timeless message that it is never too late to pursue your dreams; or to make a new start; or to find love; or to do whatever. It implies that you should never give up on finding happiness and it is never too late to appreciate it when it comes. In the context of the night club dance floor, it is never too late to get the party started, so “…get down, right now!” The new EP single features go-go funk, go-go swing, hip-hop, break-down and go-go jazz versions of the song, thereby proving that it’s never too late for new, classic, genre-blending go-go.

Note to Deejays of the World: “Never Too Late” has all the ingredients for inspiring partying with a purpose: a strong groove, message and go-go beat. Feel free to use it, often…

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“Never Too Late (Go-Go Remixes)” EP Single
Genre: R&B, Go-Go Funk
Tempo: 89 BPM

Tracks List
1. Never Too Late Full Go-Go Mix
2. Never Too Late Hip-Hop Mix (feat. Danja Mowf Rap)
3. Never Too Late Jazz Mix
4. Never Too Late DJ Break Down Mix
5. Never Too Late Instrumental Mix

The album and title song were originally written and produced by J. Plunky Branch and J. Fire Branch and the remixes on new maxi-single were concocted over the go-go beats and styles of DJ Dyn-O-Might of Washington, DC. The five mixes on the mini compilation demonstrate the versatility of go-go which employs percussive rhythms and grooves that can enhance the dance-ability of several other genres: including R&B, hip-hop, funk, jazz, and even reggae and rock.

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