Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New Release "Crazy Heart" By Matthew Schultz Ft. Alessia Guarnera


Song: Crazy Heart
Artist: Matthew Schultz ft. Alessia Guarnera
Genre: Top 40 - Pop

Links to stream the song for free: http://arena.com/artist/matthewschultz

Link for ITunes release date today May 15th 2014: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/crazy-heart-feat.-alessia/id872735912

"Crazy Heart" by Matthew Schultz ft. Alessia Guarnera starts off with a really relaxing sounding acoustic guitar, and Alessia Guarnera's voice which is stunning. With a voice like that, it is no wonder that she has been labeled the 'Janis Joplin of her time'. She effortlessly reaches high as well as low notes, and she is complimented by the deeper male voice in the verses. Matthew Schultz takes this song to a whole new level with his rhythmic singing, making this song outstanding. I am also very impressed with the quality of this song; it is right up there with the worlds top artists, such as Rihanna. The acoustic guitar in the background is well played, and the song really makes you feel what the artist's want you to feel. The lyrics are also really well written, I love the line "the way you spin me round and round works like the weather". The song is full of catchy lines and I can see this being played on the radio as well as TV and Internet. All in all I would definitely recommend this song to anyone out there who is looking for a relaxing tune that could well be the soundtrack of this year's Summer.

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