Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Just "Fix Me" Already! Perhaps The Secret To Our Evolution Lies In Not Taking Ourselves Too Seriously!

At least that's singer-songwriter Gail Silverman aka G's take in her newly released video "Fix Me". Directed by young, up and coming Florida Filmmaker, Brad Bryan, "Fix Me" takes a hilarious look at the variety of tactics people utilize when seeking to become more evolved, conscious, aware, healthy, spiritual, and connected.

The song and video take you through a litany of methods one can try get to get to that place of "being fixed". From yoga to gurus, therapy, cleansing, acupuncture, Reiki, 12 steps and more, the viewer is offered a tongue-in-cheek look at each of these experiences.

As a yoga teacher and marketer for "conscious companies", Silverman has personal experience with many of the methods she highlights in her song and video. She also practices several of them on a regular basis and will tell you, "Nope, still not fixed." She also adds, "You can really get wrapped up in all of these things and just end up taking it all too seriously. Sometimes we just need to lighten up and allow the imperfections."

Silverman says, "Writing the song was cathartic and it was a blast making the video and playing the role of the person who is just not quite ‘getting it'. There are so many times in spiritual and new age situations where everyone else seems totally tuned in to all of these amazing experiences and then there are those of us who feel we are just not getting it and thinking, "What am I doing wrong, how do I reach that state of nirvana?" Silverman has found that whatever environment in which she shares the song, and no matter the audience, people really have fun with it and relate to its message. There is something for everyone, so to speak.

The song was initially inspired while Silverman was in her living room, guitar in hand and staring at a book called Feng Shui for Apartment Living. It all just came pouring out! "The funny thing is I could've just kept going with more things, it really is an endless process."

Silverman tries to live by the philosophy that we are all exactly where we need to be in our life journey, but it won't stop us from trying to be better and find that "fix", if only for a moment. "With so many of us trying, thankfully, to live more consciously these days sometimes we just need to relax, enjoy the ride and laugh at it all," she says.

Silverman supports all the methods and practices that were spotlighted in the video and encourages everyone to seek their own path and find what works for them. The hope is people will just enjoy and have a sense of humor about it. In the closing shot Silverman lets out a giggle, yes, offering one more way we can "fix" ourselves: Just lighten up and have a good laugh!

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About Gail Silverman aka g.

As front woman for NYC-based rock band G-spot for 15+ years, G. has a reputation for being a sexy siren with a spiritual twist. She is known for commanding her audience's attention by juxtaposing her sassy wit & naked vulnerability, her magnetism & enlightenment, her wrath & passion, with a no-holds-barred delivery of emotion.

G. released her first solo effort in 2012, "Here I Am", and another single "Breathe & Release" in 2013. Her songs focus on her spiritual quest for answers in a complex world, exploring life's big questions and mysteries. G's diverse combination of talents—singer–songwriter, Kundalini yoga teacher and marketer—make for an interesting perspective! Her solo efforts showcase a softer side, but she still delivers her own unique fierce and quirky style; sometimes introspective, often tongue-in-cheek, occasionally aggravated and always taking the listener on a thought-provoking journey, filled with surprises!

G. is also the Founder of Girls Rock & Girls Rule, an organization dedicated to creating exposure for women in hard rock. (

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